“Força, Equilibri, Valor i Seny”

In early 2013, I started working on this project with the aim of capturing, in my artwork, the intense emotions experienced during the Castellers celebrations

"Força, Equilibri, Valor i Seny" (Force, balance, courage and levelheadedness) the moto transmits to me, as do the castellers themselves, both what it means to be human and what the keys to our progress are. Its a moto on which I focus continuously during the creative process, as if it were a mantra, particularly during the more challenging moments of the proyect.

I initially started this work with a series sketches made from photographs that I had taken. In tandem to this, I began work on a series landscapes using oils, this after months or practice in the confines of my studio.

Inspired by the intensity of the natural stimulus that I was painting, I begin to consider the second part of my Casteller proyect; that of transcending photographic references and completing an oil painting during a live performance.

The idea of painting in real time seemed in principle impossible, considering the rate at which the Castellers assemble and dismantle, but I held on to the possibility, regardless of the likelihood of the outcome. The first step would be to sketch during a live performance.

In september I started drawing the rehersals for the “xics de Granollers” at the “Troca de Roca Umbert” and during my third attempt It became clear to me that the impossible was indeed feasible.

I developed a plan to put in place on the 10th of November 2013 at the plaza de la Porxada de Granollers during a live Casteller performance, specifically the XXII Diada dels Xics; It was there that I finally completed an oil painting, from start to finish in real time, during the performance.

In the last phase, in which I am currently working, I am returning to the studio to develop my work in terms of both its conceptual and physical depth, abstraction and expression.

David del Hierro Sánchez